Going into the wilderness

Christmas Eve at St. Ambrose, something holy and filled with wonder happened.  The way I could express what happened was simple.  I had an overwhelming sense that Mary and Joseph could have wandered in, confused, tired, scared, on their journey to Bethlehem. If they had, they would have felt safe and welcome.  It would have been a gentle, quiet and loving place for Mary to give birth.  After a bitterly hard year, full of painful choices, failures, and struggle, I felt safe and at home. The Latino community of El Centro Hispano de Todos los Santos fell it too. We were grateful.  Celebrating the Eucharist at midnight was one of the most quietly lovely moments in my life.  Epiphany has been all that and more.  And now, we enter into the wilderness of Lent with its harsh and lovely grace.

I will post regularly on this blog–reflections of my own, maybe some video clips, the thoughts and insights of others.  Even though we are not with each other most of the week, we don’t stop being a community of faith and service.  I hope that you will join me in this time of reflection, self examination and faith in the One who leads us to the living waters even in the wilderness…

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