Something, Part II

Within each of your groups, do you see commonalities?  

1. Five colors.  azure, fuschia, yellow, lavendar, green–the colors of my life right now.

2. Five cities.  Cali, Miami, Austin, Stockholm, San Francisco:  Cali, Miami and Stockholm shaped me.  Austin and San Francisco are cities I wish had…

3.  Five landscapes.  The Andes, shoreline outside of Ipswich, MA, meadows with German bunkers outside Amsterdam, Fiergy Gizzard Trail, TN, Everglades:  Places that compelled me to look, and look again, and keep looking–the essence of mystery.

4.  Five interiors.  My grandmother’s house, Uddeholm guest cottage, my friend Lennie’s house, All Saints (Ft Lauderdale), hospital room at Boston Children’s Hospital.  The first four are all about consolation–the last one desolation.  Both are true in my life and putting it like this, so much more of one than the other…
5. Five things you might wear. capris, bathing suit, leggings & tunic, dresses:  I struggled to come up with this list–clothes mean very little to me so all I could come up with was clothes I actually use.

2 thoughts on “Something, Part II

  1. I think that your combination of tropics and northern lands – in colors and landscapes and cities — is fascinating. There is so much drama in your life lurking in these answers.

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