Haunting. Healing.

This is my last foray into the internet until the 13th.  I am sitting at a Starbucks close to Children’s.  It is as I remembered, for the most part, seen through new eyes.  How small the stretchers and the wheel chairs are.  How sick and frail the children all look.  I remember going into one of the WC stalls in the restroom of the main lobby with my mom one time.  It was my turn to be there as an adult–the tile has not changed.  My mother is everywhere.   It feels like I have lost her and found her all over again.  How extraordinarily, outlandishly, privileged I was as a young child to get access to care in this kind of place.

And the garden?

The bunny with stars for my mom.


Hans. I had forgotten the cat in his arms.


What consolation looks like to a child. And to me today.

Now, “Into the silence”.

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