Incarnation: Yet Another View

About 6 or 7 years ago, I was selected to go to a writer’s workshop sponsored by the Lilly Foundation through the Louisville Institute.  I spent a week in DC, stayed at what was then the College of Preachers on the campus of the National Cathedral and got to experience very briefly what it is like to write intensely and almost full time.  Lauren Winner and Carol Gallagher, two well known writers in religious circles especially, led the workshop. Each afternoon, we gathered to share what we’d written, talk about writing and listen for pearls from the more accomplished among us.  It was wonderful.  One of the particular graces of that week was meeting a young Presbyterian minister called MaryAnn McKibben Dana.  She has a wicked good sense of humor. I remember thinking she had a wisdom far beyond her age when I met her and that sense has only grown as I’ve gotten to know bits and pieces more about her through her blogs Her first was called ReverendMother.  Her current blog is called theblueroomblog. She’s just published a book too, about keeping Sabbath with her young family.  She also allowed me to friend her on FaceBook and I am constantly confronted, intrigued and delighted by some of the places she points me to.  Yesterday, she posted a link on FB that spoke with enormous eloquence to the events of last week and also to the place I find myself in this year, dealing with grief and loss and incarnation all at once.  With my thanks to MaryAnn, I urge you to read this post.

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