Who Was Out & Who Did What

It’s very peculiar.  All of a sudden, it seems like there’s an enormous weight that’s been lifted off my back.  The long weekend began yesterday in our household and somehow, the gift of time has become especially sweet and meaningful. Last night, I had fun on my walk.  It’s mating season for the crabs around here.  This is what that looks like:

You have to look close–this one was very shy.

And like this:

This one: not so so much

I’m getting to know some of the ‘regulars’ out on my route now–cyclists, runners and dog walkers.  I like that.  I am also aware that there’s an endless newness to these rambles, sometimes very amusing.

Always waiting

This morning the water was full of sea weed and gunk on the beach so it’s been yard time.  Sherod’s back is still fragile so I had lawn mowing duties.  Early tomorrow morning, when I sit out on our little deck and drink my coffee, this is what I will see.

Gonna have lots of time to catch up on Dr. Who as well.  Life is so incredibly good.

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