A Break

In the ebb and flow these days, I’m mindful that the balance between a public and private life when you’re a clergy person shifts a lot.  The poetry class I am taking is very engaging (and demanding), life in the New River Regional Ministry continues to unfold in the constant tension between fear and grace.  As I prepared for my sermon this week, I stumbled upon an image of my life that feels pretty accurate for now:  I am on a tightrope that extends into the horizon, with poles at regular intervals where I can stop and take a breath before going on.  It takes quite a lot of attention and care to negotiate from one pole to the next; that means focusing less on writing and more on simply putting one foot down in front of the other.  So I’m taking a break from the blogging.  I’ll check back in about a month–I am not ready to say I’m letting go of the writing altogether.  Just saying I need to pay attention in other ways

For those of you who stop in regularly–thank you. It is always both excruciatingly awkward to think of people, especially people I know, reading what I write and yet, essential to this effort having any meaning at all. WordPress provides information about the general location of one’s readers and people from as far as Malaysia, Russia and  Brazil read my blog–go figure!  It’s quite lovely to have a sense of connection in such a broad, if silent, world.


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