Itty Bitty


One of María’s Christmas gifts is an electronic picture frame that can be loaded with lots of pictures. That means Sherod and I have been doing some “time travel” these past few evenings.  I think this is my very most favorite picture of our girl from that time of our life together.

Last night we were at a tree-trimming party at BARC.  María was doing well; she was a self-confident, engaged, happy teen ager eager to show us the ease with which she moves around this place which is now home. Also, her face is healing and there will be less scarring than I had feared. It was good to see.

One thought on “Itty Bitty

  1. Dear Rosa, I recall how you eager you were to bring Maria home for the first time! The way you talked about her!!! We could see the love in your eyes! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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