I write this to remember.  I was already moved by what was unfolding in front of the Capitol, quietly enjoying the sense of connection with people I love, scattered all around this country as we posted little comments on FaceBook.  My eyes stung looking at that beautiful young man, Richard Blanco as he launched into his poem.  But it was when I heard him describe all the ways we greet each other, ending with “buenos días
in the language my mother taught me” that I sobbed.  And I couldn’t stop as I watched Luis León, who was in Sherod’s DMin program with him, who ended his prayer — so very Episcopalian in tone and content — by turning and blessing our President and Vice President in beautiful, formal Spanish.

You cannot be a Latina immigrant, no matter how privileged, without walking carefully, speaking cautiously, knowing that something you say or do can easily unleash great anger and fear.  Today, we weren’t just visible.  We had voices, beautiful voices.  We mattered.  I know it is because we are a force for politicians to reckon with in the years ahead.  But still.  We were there.

3 thoughts on “Hoy…Today

  1. It was a wonderful day. I was sad that most Americans had to work today and could not share in this process-including my husband. I recorded it and had to watch it with him as he cried with such pride. I truly loved Richard Blanco’s poem and the hopes and prayers of Luis Leon and the mention of Newtown. I love you girl. M-

  2. I think the president covered all bases, this desire for real inclusion is heartwarming indeed. I need to search Blanco’s poem, I only heard snippets.

  3. Hola Rosita, me gustó la bendición de Luis León pero me gustó más la de hace 4 años de Rev Lowery con más ritmo en el delivery! Me encantan tus posts, siempre los leo desde WDC! un beso Janet

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