View of downtown Ciudad de Panamá


Headed to Panamá to accompany my dad to a battery of tests because the doctors are recommending back surgery.  The plan right now is to be in the city only through Tuesday evening.  If I have to be there (and the timing couldn’t be worse. I am bone-tired), at least I wish I could be here:


The Mamacita’s Livingroom.

where my dad and I sit and talk with a fire going and the cool, gentle rainforest mist keeps everything beyond that space just a little blurred and soft.  Maybe there will be some time to read and write. I have missed that.


One thought on “Panamá

  1. It’s interesting to see how you have emulated your mother’s living room, deliberately or not. In coloring, objects that hold personal sentiment and most obviously in arrangement. I would do the same, pretty room,personal yet welcoming to visitors. I particularly fancy the bust on the mantle, quite nice . Hope you can rest up, tend to your father and to yourself. Love to you, LG

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