Everything is just right inside our little church–flowers, but not too many.  The paschal candle we will light for the first time tonight at the Great Easter Vigil, came out of its box painfully bent.  A rolling on the hot roof of a car and it is just right.  All three of the baptismal candidates are ready.  One is a young adult, the other two, delightful children. They were painfully shy when they first started coming to our church; day before yesterday, the two of them chatted away with me,  so excited about today.  One was concerned about what would happen to his Mohawk hairstyle when he gets baptized.  Together, we did the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd presentations about Baptism and about the Last Supper.  The oldest of the candidates was the one most moved by the simple image of the Light of the World.  Earthenware vessels we used all through Lent are packed and put away and the silver chalices and pattens have been shined so they positively gleam.  My sermon for tomorrow is almost complete.

Huh?  Well yes, in fact, the shoes are here too…

One thought on “Stirrings…

  1. It was a joy to keep vigil with all at St. Ambrose last night and celebrate the resurrection of Our Lord and the baptism of three of his newest disciples. The church was indeed very pretty. And so are those shoes!

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