Phos Hilaron

The temptation is so great to get mired in what has and might be lost.  Last night as I walked, I found myself negotiating with God: “Source of my being, I am willing to sacrifice but only if all the conditions are right, if the things I give up are not used to prop up what I think is unfair, unjust, unworthy”.  It sounds so reasonable as I lay it all out for myself and my Creator.  Except that there’s this little piece of the story I am a part of, called the scandal of the cross.  No bargaining there.  No calculus.  No careful effort to weigh the options and consider some alternatives.  No positioning himself for optimal results.  Just an ordinary man who kept on loving and giving of himself to what was asked of him at any given moment, even if it meant giving himself to the cross.  That is how love won.

Out walking, after much hand wringing over tough decisions I have ahead of me related to my ministry, I allowed myself simply to look, to take some pictures of the feast that is set for me to behold each evening.   Sun to light up my nights.

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