You get to the IRS building by 6:00 am ( though doors don’t open till 8:30). The few of us who got here that early get to stand under a small roofed area. Everyone else stand in pouring rain because we are getting some of the rain from TS Andrea. Sequestration on top of bureaucratic indifference.

I am here w M. The father of three beautiful children, he has a serious problem with the IRS. Someone stole his social security and for the past three years he has been trying to get the mess cleared up. In the meantime, new taxes, penalties and interest keeping getting added to his bill. He was so desperate last year he actually figured out how to pay thousands of dollars hoping that would solve the problem. It didn’t.

This year, he wasn’t given the tax credit due to him though he does keep paying his taxes. That tax credit was earmarked to go to Mexico where his family ekes out a minimal existence on a small farm. That tax credit is the difference between barely enough and real hunger for his children. Am I hopeful we’ll get his problem solved today? I doubt it. This is one more way that those at the bottom get pushed further down. It is just 7:22. Another hour and 8 minutes till the doors open and we can scramble for a number then wait some more.

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