The Way We Are

Image 1Last night was simply lovely.  I realized the categories I saw the world through in high school were narrow, shallow and full of fear.

In my true Swedish way, I got to our classmate David’s house exactly at 8 PM.  There was only one other person from our class, Kenny, and her husband already there.  Each person that came in after that was like finding the precious pearl.   I had a commitment at 7:30 this morning so I had to leave at midnight–the party went on for another couple of hours–Colombianos, a fin de cuentas. We are headed to some more time together.  I have regained something of great value I didn’t even know I had lost.

2 thoughts on “The Way We Are

  1. “Estelas y senderos…” Rosa, I would think you’re about to quote Antonio Machado, or at least Joan Manuel Serrat’s musical version of the poem. Enjoy!

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