Where I Am


I hadn’t had this happen since my corporate days. I opened my eyes this morning and I had absolutely no idea where I was. Fortunately, I had dropped my boarding pass on the nightstand before collapsing to bed. As soon as I saw it I remembered I was in a hotel in Panama City. I have since flown into David. My dad is in the hospital, a little stronger but still awfully sick. They think he may have Mono, though there is now some question that he has Lyme’s Disease–he was bitten by a tick in Sweden. Since it isn’t that common around here, he will get the test done at the hospital in Panama City. Tomorrow we fly back there since Dad is scheduled for an angioplasty on Wednesday. I have reservations to fly back to Miami/Ft Lauderdale at the crack of dawn on Thursday. A little discombobulating, but life. Today I am grateful for the silence of a hospital room while my dad sleeps, after the craziness of 7 airports in 48 hours…

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