The Day After Veterans Day

Sherod was named for his uncle who died while flying for the air force during World War II. Sherod arrived in Vietnam on Christmas Eve, 1967, just in time for Tet, and all that followed in 1968. Lynn, his sister, had also married an air force officer, also an aviator, who died in a helicopter crash in Southeast Asia just a couple of years later, leaving behind 4 daughters including Kim. Also a helicopter pilot who served in Kosovo, the first Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan, Kim retired as Lt Colonel from the army almost 2 years ago. My family of origin does not have much in the way of military stories to tell–in fact, maybe none. But I have come to know a lot about being part of a family that does. Some of the stories are breathtaking–inspiring, noble, heroic. But the day in and day out of serving or being a veteran: not so much. It is good to observe Veterans Day. It should not tempt us to glamorize military service too quickly or forget the cost of war too easily…sherod


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