snow_nyc_2009_12_19I got up at 3:57 this morning.  My alarm was set for 4 AM but my dog Boo wanted to go out and look at the moon; I was ready for my cup of coffee.  I am going to New York for the day today, to interview for a new position.  I thought my flight left a little after 8 and I wake up very early most days now, anyway.  But when I re-read my boarding pass, my flight leaves at 9:45 so I have had time to catch up on some correspondence, and do some final prep work for the interview.  I checked the weather forecast and it hasn’t changed–it calls for 2 – 4 inches of snow in NYC today.  I am sweating some of the small stuff–like shoes.  This tropical person knows better than to sashay out into snow covered streets in the pretty shoes I want to wear for the interview.  I think I’ve found a solution. I plan to wear sneakers until I get to the offices where the interview will take place. My pretty shoes will be in my backpack with my camera.

I have about 3 hours on my own after I land, so I hope to be able to do some photography.  If all goes well, I am going to take a cab to Central Park and walk downtown towards where my interview will take place on 2nd Avenue.  I pray that the silence of snow falling, even in a busy city, will quiet my mind and my heart in this strange, in-between time of advent and expectation.


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