Spring Morning, Selma


The Bradford Pears are blooming, it’s 44 degrees and the fog has lingered this morning.




3 thoughts on “Spring Morning, Selma

  1. As much as I thought I disliked Selma, simply from history, I think I am about to change my mind. Love the trees with the hanging moss. The pictures are beautiful. When I get all up and opinionated, something always occurs to make me see the other side. Gotta open this heart up just a little more so I can see the love in everything.

  2. Dianne, there is much about Selma that is heartbreaking and broken. The first time I came right after Sherod and I got married, I cried myself to sleep. And I have also found wonderful friends here, a landscape that tugs at me more and more, and a growing sense that being a good neighbor here, choosing to be here, invites me into something I could not have imagined. Tomorrow I hope to visit the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, because I imagine that I will find myself doing some work with them, if only as a volunteer, in the years to come.

    And maybe, one day you will be able to come visit–as I surely will come visit you…

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