When I lived in Nashville and Sherod and I were dating, we liked to go to the Bluebird Cafe, especially when Schuyler, Knobloch and Birckhardt, a Country music trio performed there.  One of their better known songs was “This Old House”–sentimental, for sure, which was always surprising because they were also very edgy performers and their banter during their sets was always cynical and sarcastic.  The raucous crowd always went quiet when they played the opening chords.

I can’t get it out of my mind. Our house went on the market on Friday and today we  received a clean and very serious offer.  The last time we put a house on the market here in South Florida 14 years ago, we ended up having two contracts fall through before we finally closed so there’s a long way from a serious offer to closing.  Nonetheless. Nonetheless, there’s a big lump in my throat as yet another piece starts moving into place for our move to Alabama.

Although usually, our real estate agent would have a photographer come and take the shots of the house to go on the MLS webpage, because of Sherod’s surgery and my travel schedule in the past two weeks, we delayed that step and I took some pictures of my own that she used until the photographer could come in later this week.






I have loved this house.  I will miss it…


2 thoughts on “Already

  1. Rosa, Sherod and M – We loved that house as well. It became a place of laughter, adventure, great food, deep sharing and sanctuary for Tim and I during our time in South FL. You will make another home in AL that will be all of those things to the people who enter there as well. We think of you often!

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