The Top of the Roller Coaster

roller coasterOur girl is holding steady but not at a great place.  That means we haven’t gotten to see her or talk to her since early last week.  That never gets easier.  We have, though, finalized plans for her to move to Tallahassee. In the end, her team and we agreed that it was simply too important for her mom and dad to still get to see her regularly and provide the kind of oversight of her care that she needs. On June 16th, she will be driven up there with her behavior specialist and two more folks to keep everyone in the BARC van safe.  I had so looked forward to a driving adventure with her but this is what will work.

After having the house on the market for only 5 days, and with two really good offers to choose from, we went to contract last week.  We even have a backup contract in place.  Inspections happen tomorrow and if all goes well, we close on June 19th.  We don’t have any reason to believe that won’t happen so the movers are scheduled to pack on Monday, June 16th and load up our household goods and pull out of here on the 17th.  After closing in the morning of the 19th, we’ll drive to Tallahassee.  We hope and pray we will be able to see Maria and also understand that may not be a good idea.  We’ll be up in Lowndesboro on the 20th and the, the moving van will arrive and that part of the move will be complete.  Sherod returns to Ft Lauderdale in the next couple of days after that and I will stay in Lowndesboro.  There is a whole lot of painting in my future.  The master bedroom is painted a Barney purple, just to give you an idea.  That won’t do…

And right now, what is front and center in my life, is the reality that I am facing into the last Sunday at St Ambrose.  We have baptisms scheduled and I love Pentecost Sunday.  But after the eucharist, we will have the Liturgy for the Leave-Taking of a Pastoral Relationship and then, just like that, I will cease to be a parish priest.  I can’t look at that too long or too deep.  I am trying to live in the gratitude for what I have been so blessed to be a part of.  And I am getting through each day taking care of what I have right in front of me.  Because looking out from the roller coaster car, it looks like a free-fall up ahead and there’s nothing gained dwelling on that or anticipating what it will be like.

One thought on “The Top of the Roller Coaster

  1. My friend you will make it. Keep your face to the sun and the wind at your back. I am so excited for all of you as you make this transition. Give Maria a squeeze for me. As for the cat I only have one word “DRUGS”!

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