imagejpeg_1St Ambrose and I have said our good byes. We had wonderful guests whose presence moved me deeply.  There were lots of children.  One of the air conditioners froze up over night and it was a typical muggy Florida day.  We had a young pianist parachute in to lead the music for the service and he did admirably. But I saw how hard that job is if you don’t have a clue of how church music works.  We baptized three gorgeous children and right before distributing communion, I got to bless all the little children who have made my days bright and beautiful.  And then, at the very end, we did the liturgy of leave-taking of a pastoral relationship.

The vestry was up at the front with me. I am leaving the ceramic chalice and paten I received at my ordination, asking the community to remember that both are needed for Eucharist, just as the English speaking and Spanish speaking parts of the community can become the body of Christ if they work together.  I turned over the worship registry, and my keys.  And finally, I handed copies of my letter of resignation to the representative of my Bishop, Archdeacon Bruttell who joined us for the service, and to the Sr Warden of our vestry.  And then, it was truly, really over.  Not half an hour later, the skies broke open and an apocalyptic deluge with raging winds and white hot lightening had us all standing in the parish hall staring out in amazement and a little apprehension.

I hope for rainbows and I know God abides in the promise of new beginnings and second chances.

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