Those Promises

The enormity of this thing we’re doing comes crashing in on waves. The truck pulled in about 15 minutes ago to start with the loading and I almost got sick to my stomach. The truck driver wanted to see everything that needs to be loaded including the outdoor furniture so we headed to the back deck. As we stepped out to look, the sun came out and there was the rainbow.

I want to tell God what to promise me. But that is not how this works. I have always been astounded by what God has offered in the way of life abundant and there’s no reason to think God wills anything but that for all of us. Being quiet and open and mindful enough to greet tomorrow is all I have to give and all I’ve been asked for. Breathing….

2 thoughts on “Those Promises

  1. A message of wisdom and faith that we all need to be reminded of daily and on many days that reminder supports us only second by second.
    Thanks for your openness and mindfulness… living in the present with hope is the only way to be real in this life.

  2. Your Ft. Laud. house photo is so, so Florida. And you are coming to so, so ‘Blackbelt’ Alabama. It’s sort of like a foreign country. Sherod knows it well. He will merge right in. But don’t have any fears yourself. This is a great community of people who love their provincial lifestyle and take care of each other in so many ways. They feed each other, literally and figuratively. I hope his will be a peaceful and healing place for you and S. It will be an adjustment…..but it will be good.

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