Not That It Was Beautiful

We are beginning a renovation project and yesterday I went to meet with the folks who are helping us with the kitchen part of the project.  Sherod and I are committed to do as much business as possible in Selma and I am still finding my way around.  That means I leave a little early each time I have an appointment in town to give myself time to get lost and found.  I had 10 minutes to kill when I got to my meeting place so I drove a little further down the road to keep getting a lay of the land.  It wasn’t exactly that what I saw was really beautiful as much as it was colorful and interesting to look at and I wondered about the stories each of these places might have told.






2 thoughts on “Not That It Was Beautiful

  1. Rev Rosa, I so enjoy your blog……reminds me of the beauty in small things and simple days. I suffered a loss of ministry a few years ago, a very painful time to remember. Many questions unanswered. I can so relate to your words, but then, they are the words of one who is finding faith in the dark places and knowing God in many ways. Thank you for your writing, it encourages me.

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