I cannot think of a recent conversation with a clergy person or thoughtful member of the laity that has not included some version of “but we can’t talk about that”.

I am not preaching today.  I will help out at St Paul’s and for that I am grateful.  This morning I was out on my tractor at 7:30, yesterday I was on it for 2 hours so a pasture, my back yard and the area that will one day be Sherod’s and my vegetable garden are mowed.  I laughingly thought about a post called “My Tractor And I Are One”–I have done something else I couldn’t even imagine doing and have gotten proficient enough that I’m about to be able to do wheelies on my machine (not really, but you know what I mean).  I am also canning today.  I had a great trip to NYC, my project was well received and after today, there are only 15 more days till I see my husband.  So, so much goodness and privilege in all that.

And yet.  As Brueggemann says, “all the while, the words grind our guts”.  Especially after these past 10 days.

Do justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly.

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