The Next Project and The Stubborn Weed


This week I am taking an online clas to learn how to use Adobe Captivate, software for creating online courseware, and racing to meet another deadline for my project with ECF–it is a graduate level, 5 day course that, if everything keeps moving forward as it has so far, will be offered at at least two Episcopal seminaries during their January/Epiphany term in 2015.  Even if I only work outside for a little while each day, that is what is giving me sanity.  Now that I’ve done what I could for the first rose bed, it’s time to take on the next project.  Out in the front of the house, there are beds that are a dreadful combination of tacky white stone c%@p and weeds with a few very pitiful azaleas struggling to survive amidst the ugliness. Oh–and those cement faux-grecian urns.  Yesterday evening, this urn and its sister found a new home behind one of our sheds.

I’ve started with the weeding;  in this bed too, I have come across the weed with the root system from hell.  As God is my witness, this time, I am going to dig as far as necessary to get it out. Then I am going to get all those ugly white stones out of the bed, if it takes taking them out by hand, one by one.  Friends from more northern climes than Ft Lauderdale:  I welcome your suggestions for what I can plant instead.  And if there is anything I could/should do to tend to those poor, beleaguered azaleas…

Daisy keeps trying to tell me she could do that, she could help, she would love to help.  But I know her too well. If I let her out, she will first try to catch all the squirrels in the front yard and then wander away.  Love my dog…

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