I’m in Chicago attending a workshop on a process designed to help foster more open, direct and honest conversation in places like the Church.  There is some irony that does not escape me about the fact that we turn to organizational consultants for direction on leadership.  There’s this guy Jesus who’s a pretty good model for leadership but we have a harder time turning to the stories about his ministry because they make it very difficult to have it both ways.  Safe, but truthful is not a sustainable paradox for long.  Nonetheless, there are some good things to learn and especially, the stories people bring to these workshops are deeply, powerfully moving.  That’s where I see the stirring of the Spirit.

This is the first time I’ve been in Chicago and I am in the heart of downtown, close to Michigan Avenue and just a few blocks from the lake.  I brought my camera anticipating some time for photography but it is raw and cold outside and raining on and off.  I am not sure I’ll make it.  So I contented myself with a few pix around St. James Commons.  The Diocese of Chicago has just opened a very lovely conference space at the top of a 5-story annex to St James Cathedral.  I am especially delighted by the juxtaposition of very clean, sleek lines in the annex, and the old, Anglo-catholic ornateness of the Chapel of St Andrew where we say Morning Prayer together.







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