It’s Cold!

When I got up this morning, the thermometer said it was 27 degrees outside and 54 degrees inside.  It’s going to be even colder tonight.  The wind is blowing pretty fiercely so I am sure with the windchill factor, it’s quite brisk.  I had forgotten.  I had forgotten the colors.


My dog Daisy comes in from outside with the zooms, zooming around the house and stopping to look at me and bark.  I had forgotten how the cold perks things up.  I had forgotten what it’s like to get up in a cold house, light (or, as I sheepishly must confess, turn on, since what we have is a gas fireplace) the fire and feel warmth start curling around me.  I had forgotten how seductive it is to settle into a comfortable chair and read on a day like today.


I have lots of work so I have resisted the temptation, eaten my oatmeal and checked my to-do list.  I just needed to say though–these days fill me with joy.

3 thoughts on “It’s Cold!

  1. Rosa, I remember the colors, the smells, the crunch of the Fall and the burst of energy that came with the new season. That I miss. The cold I try not to keep even in memory, although as kids no one complained (Buffalo, NY, yesterday more than 36 inches of snow). You are finding joy in differences. Alleluia!

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