A farm dog in Alabama

Farm life is beyond wonderful for Ms. Daisy.  Every morning finds hope brimming in her heart once again:  “by golly, today is the day I know, I just know,  I’m gonna catch a squirrel!”

We open the front door and she tears out in hot pursuit, only to end up at the foot of our big oak tree, convinced she might be able to exercise enough Jedi mind control on at least one squirrel to get him or her back down for another fun chase.  After a while, it’s off to roam a bit, partake of the veritable smörgasbord around her: so many different kinds of poop–cow, horse, cat, squirrel–the choice is limitless, so little time.  When she comes back and sits at the front door and barks to be let in, her breath is nasty, nasty, nasty and she is happy, happy, happy.

Cold days aren’t a problem.  You just snuggle into the coats and cushions in one of the chairs close to the fire and sleep the day away, opening an eye only if there is the kind of rustle that suggests a truck ride might be in the offing.  It takes no effort at all to drift back to sleep.

Is that me you're talking to?

Is that me you’re talking to? I’m about to have my beauty nap before going to bed…

The only time it is less than heaven is when those human companion/farmer types decide to leave and leave one behind.  But even then, all is not lost.  The altar of death is a great place to visit on those occasions and God help the kid who decided to leave her stocking candy at nose level, or forgot to put away skivvies; even pocket change is fair game.  It’s puzzling why the humans would express dismay–after all, this could all have been avoided with some inclusiveness…

The Scene of the Crime...

The Scene of the Crime…

Yes, life as a dog on the farm is mighty fine…

3 thoughts on “A farm dog in Alabama

  1. I just can’t stop laughing. This little story brought great tears of laughter to my eyes. I hope Sherod won’t find any Sox coming from little Daisy! 🙂

  2. Joe ended up in the ER in Selma last Wed. Almost passed out after playing cards at the country club. His friends were very concerned & sent him to the hospital by ambulance. They found me at the Winn-Dixie and I met the ambulance at the hospital. He was white as a sheet and had very low blood pressure. Results: Serious Anemia, low blood pressure, thyroid problems. We see the surgeon in Bham tomorrow……internist on Thursday. Every day brings something new; but we are holding our own. Hope to see you soon.


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