The judge has ruled on our petition and we are able to transfer Maria to BARC in Ft Lauderdale as soon as the paperwork goes through at the Agency for Persons With Disabilities. We are beyond relieved. If we had forgotten or started second-guessing ourselves, this time has been a stark reminder that we lack the resources to provide our daughter the space she needs to continue to grow, and hopefully, thrive. And if the stress had pushed everything else to one side, the reality that by this time next week, she will likely be there and we will be here, makes my heart seize up just a bit. Our beautiful girl is growing up and I have to let go some more…

6 thoughts on “Done

  1. So thankful for all of you. Maria needs her safe place. You and Sherod need your life back. All mothers of 18 year olds have to let go. You have done for Maria all that you could…..including finding BARC. Cut yourself some slack and rejoice that she has a place to be, where she wants to be. When this is a done deal, come to our house and let me cook for you and the Mallowman. We love and need you too!

  2. If ever paperwork could fly through a system, let it be now. God give you strength for the next weeks. For all that has been, for all that is, for all that will be, thanks be to God.

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