Another way life has changed

One of the frivolous and fun ways I celebrated the two major feast days of the liturgical cycle, Easter and Christmas, involved shopping for a pretty new pair of shoes to wear under my vestments.  This Easter I will likely not have any liturgical responsibilities and that is really OK.  For now, the ebb and flow of serving as a supply priest and tending to the small and quiet chores of the farm on most Sundays is simply lovely.  Today, I did some more work with the move of the chickens out to their new digs.  I also ran over to the town of Millbrook, to one of my new favorite places, the Tractor Supply Store because I was running low on food for them.

While I was there, I saw these wonderous boots for $19.99. I will have to walk across a good bit of yard to feed the girls and tend to them daily, even when it is raining, so I got myself a pair.  These are more Easter than Easter shoes could be this year.  They tempted me to bring out the Alleluias a few weeks early but I didn’t.  Instead, I shall continue to “observe a holy Lent of self-examination, repentance and prayer…”   Too bad it’s supposed to rain tomorrow–I’ll have to wear my boots.

5 thoughts on “Another way life has changed

  1. AND….who knows where these boots may take you? We are asked, regularly, to walk in the shoes (boots) of another, but how often are we given that opportunity/ Who knows what lies ahead????? xoxo

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