Spring in the country

The light was beautiful this morning.  Last evening, when i pulled into St. Paul’s, the small Episcopal Church in Lowndesboro, one of the trees up front was in full bloom. I kept thinking it reminded me of the time I got to see the cherry blossoms hit peak in Washington DC and asked about the tree I was looking at. Sure enough, it is a Japanese cherry tree so I headed back to St Paul to take some pictures this morning.

The tree was luminous

The tree was luminous

And the blossoms are so beautiful they break your heart.

And the blossoms are so beautiful they break your heart.

Driving back home, I saw quantities of wisteria blooming as well…


I only had about 30 minutes to take these pictures and then my day roared on with all kinds of phone and video calls for work and projects that connect me to people all over the country.  In just a bit, I will help lead a webinar for ECF on team-based discernment and had agreed to get the technical check done with my boss at 4:45 PM.  I went out of my office, headed to the kitchen for a glass of water before getting started and happened to glance up at the front door which was open.

Well, hello!


I was a little late getting on the video call because I had to help Sherod with a small relocation project.  For the beauty of this day…

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