Following spring and resurrection

I was anxious about today’s presentation. This was probably the most high profile exposition of our work I’ve been a part of. All my bosses were in the room as well. The participants have seen it all in the church and they aren’t easily impressed. So, yeah, some real anxiety.  In the end it all went well and we got what we had hoped for in the way of feedback, and recommendations. The work continues.

Yesterday I had posted in FB that I was headed to Philly.  One of the bloggers in the circle that is the revgalblogpals saw my post and wondered if we could get together. Michelle has been an inspiration, she has taught me a lot about resurrection, she is just a beautiful person. She is a professor at Bryn Mawr which, it turns out, is a suburb of Philly (I embarrass myself with my geography gaps).

I don’t leave till after 7 tonight and I got done at 1 so it was easy to hop on a train to come see her.  As I rode the train, I was enchanted by the forsythia, the tulip trees, and especially the old, pink cherry trees in full bloom up here.  I kept thinking, “I am getting to follow spring” and even though the farm is so far into spring that the heat is giving us glimpses of summer already, seeing all this again, with lots of grey still visible, is a breathtaking experience of joy all over again. Michelle is having a quick meeting while I sit on a bench outside with all this beauty.

I think resurrection is like that.  Easter comes and I thrill proclaiming “He is risen” on that first Sunday.  Then, Resurrection starts becoming sort of commonplace, or at least, easy to take for granted.  How easily the green is just there.  The colors around me today, at once so vivid and so kind, alongside the evidence of the harshness of winter, allow me to see again, with new eyes.


2 thoughts on “Following spring and resurrection

  1. My Dad went to Villanova in the late 20’s and we would go back to PA regularly; Spring seems to be at its best on the Main Line; such promise of renewal and new beginnings!

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