And to all, a good night

From the thirty-seventh floor of a hotel right across from the United Nations, looking downtown towards One World Trade Center.  I stood at the window a while ago and realized that if, on 9/11, anyone had stood where I was standing, he or she would have seen the devastation of the WTC towers on that fateful day.  In the midst of the busy-ness of my day and evening, that was a deeply sobering and sad realization. Say another little prayer for all those souls that were there that day, and for the soul of our country…


2 thoughts on “And to all, a good night

  1. Please look again across that vast space and say prayers for our dear friends Lynn and David Angell who were on the American Air. flight from Boston which crashed into the 1st tower. They were the most generous, loving and gracious people. Lynn was the sister of my brother-in-law. We mourn their loss everyday…..yet still celebrate all the incredible gifts they, through their foundation, have bestowed so much good on this world of oursl

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