Grace and grace

Rhode Island Red by Grace

Rhode Island Red by Grace

On Monday afternoon, I was working in my office when the doorbell rang and Daisy started yapping. I went to our front door and there stood Grace, one of my favorite acolytes at St Paul’s and an all-around wonderful young girl. She and her little sister, Ella, had been by to visit the chicken girls several weeks ago, before the chickens’ untimely demise.  Gracie wanted to extend her condolences and she had made this picture for me, a wonderfully sweet keepsake that I will always treasure.



Out picking tomatoes, okra and green beans, I stopped to marvel at all the bees feasting on this one sunflower (it’s hard to see them all, they blend so well, but there are a lot). This particular flower bloomed in the last 24 hours and I imagine some small bee, buzzing along, hoping to find sustenance for the day and stopping mid-air:  Well, Hello!  It’s like that, isn’t it?

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