La mamá gallina

Little Britt having a sip of water (and boy do these girls make a mess!)

Little Mechas  having a sip of water (and boy, do these girls make a mess!)


Bengta, Elin and Mafaldita settling for another little nap

During the almost two years it took to do all the legal work that allowed Sherod and me to adopt Maria, she and I talked by phone about twice a week.  Actually, it isn’t accurate to say we talked–already she had such serious language development delays that conversation was not really possible.  Instead we sang.  Our most favorite song was “Pio Pio Pio Dicen Los Pollitos“, a song about baby chicks and their mama.  I feel like a mama hen today, working in my office and stopping every hour or so to walk out to our little Florida room to marvel again at the little peeps who’ve come to be a part of our family.  It made me think of those days with Maria, made me miss her something fierce.  I think tonight when I call, we’ll sing that song again…

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