From the garden

I hope I am not totally obnoxious with these posts but I end up positively giddy with each new gift of the harvest. This watermelon grew in our garden. Tastes like heaven (and why, yes, that’s okra, banana peppers, eggplant and zucchini)!!!


One thought on “From the garden

  1. I have so enjoyed your last few posts; from feeling w/o focus as you “semi-retire” or follow a different a path to the Fort Yolk (great name!) to the lovely pictures of your church getting ready for the Bishop. How warm and enveloping is your beautiful space; coming from the “cathedral” of FT. L to this must be a breath of fresh air and a sigh of relief. The “hominess”I read in your posts makes me yearn for simpler times, simpler places. The bounty of your garden, in just this one season, has me a bit green in the envy dept.; our black raspberries are just coming out and corn and blueberries not until August.

    This space in your life between one job, searching for another, might well be a wonderful intermission; a time to think, to pray, to garden, to enjoy, to rest. You will be led to your path; it’s difficult to let go and LET GOD! xo

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