They made it

I could write pages and pages.  For several weeks now, a number of women clergy from all across the Episcopal Church, including me, have been praying for three women going through the Army Ranger School.  One of them has had to redo a portion of the training and so is still at it.  Today, the other two completed the training and will graduate with their classmates in a few weeks.  I am proud.  I am in awe.  I am grateful.  I wish neither women nor men had to learn what you have to learn in Ranger School.  I wish we were all learning more about making peace, rather than being more effective warriors.  I would probably find the worldview of these young women very different–uncomfortably different–from mine.  But once again, what so many said a woman was not capable of doing, was not beyond reach.  I will keep praying for endurance, strength and determination for the third young woman.  Tonight, I will also pray for God’s blessings to be on the two women whose names have not been released and who were foolish enough to believe that they were capable of changing something, even when everyone else around them said it could not be done.  ¡Bravas!

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