The Intersection of Need and Technology

It is a long way from Lowndesboro to Fort Lauderdale when you have to drive.  A long way.  Our dear travelers have been on the road for 12 hours already with another 2 to go.  My sweet daughter started texting with anxiety a while ago.  It was tempting to get concerned for our wonderful friends as well as the girl and to feel helpless.

The thing is, she has her smart phone (not an iPhone, but good enough). Instead of getting any more concerned, I started making short videos of me singing songs we’ve used at bedtime for years.  Some of them we both learned for the Eucharists at El Centro.  One was the only Spanish Christmas carol she knew when she came to be our daughter.  And the last one was “You’d better watch out”. I am no singer and I’m a little mortified that the other two people in the car have been subjected to my warbling. But her text in response said this:  “It is great and will Com for cristmiss on distemper 22 second.”  (We are beginning to make plans for a second visit starting 12/22).

We keep finding our way…


One thought on “The Intersection of Need and Technology

  1. May God love you all for your imagination and technical skills. I must admit to being very touched by the spelling of December; how often are we in “dis temper” by December 22nd?
    Bless Maria and bless her heart.

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