Too Much

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A New Dawn At La Finquita On 5 Dec 2015

This evening, I was sorely tempted to jump into a push and pull of outrage related to a picture circulating on Facebook. Because of the comments associated with the picture, I reported it to FB as fostering hate and intolerance. After that, I turned my attention to other pressing work I am trying to wrap up. The fear, anger, sadness, in some ways, the despair, continued to churn in me long enough to call me to attention.

The echo chambers of social media like Facebook are especially insidious, I think, in times of great spiritual challenge, like our country is facing. They amplify our worst fears and at least for me, push on buttons that have very little to do with my nobler angels. I am declaring a Facebook moratorium for myself until after Christmas. I will continue, as time permits, to blog at and welcome comments and conversations there, or directly with me via phone or email. The joy of Facebook is the connections with people who I rarely see and who I love. To all of you, may this be a season of new hope and rediscovered laughter and joy. Keep peace alive…

3 thoughts on “Too Much

  1. It is tempting, I must admit to quit FB from time to time and “refresh” ourselves with more important aspects of our lives. On the other hand, the opinions, advice, worthy messages, and spiritual refreshment run counter to the diatribes of those lonely confused ignoramuses who post them. So hurry back and stay blessed in the meanwhile.

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