First-Fruit 2016


First roses from the garden

The roses are blooming. My work is simply this: I keep an eye out for black spot; following the advice of the rose expert in Alabama, I used some organic fungicide to get ahead of the mites as the roses started coming out of dormancy. We have had regular enough rain this spring so I haven’t needed to water them and only did a light pruning on Valentine’s Day. Mainly, I walk out to the garden every day and see more and more buds  coming out on all the plants, I see how much new growth there is as well, and how healthy the rose bushes all look. I try to do some weeding at least 3 times a week. Really, it’s simply about creating the space for the roses to grow.

Then, I wonder, what in heavens name I was thinking when I decided to try again for the writer’s workshop. Nothing I could write or say is this beautiful. That scares the sweet bejesus out of me…

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