Twenty Eight


I bought my wedding dress out of a Talbots catalog.  I also made our wedding cake and a lovely lady in Huntsville helped me frost it.  The flowers came from Archie Stapleton’s farm in Sewanee.  My best friend, Carolyn, and I had our hair done and then, on the way to church to get dressed, I realized the A/C had conked out in my car;  when I rolled down the window, it was so hot, it felt like a hair dryer was running on my face-I wondered if it was an omen that marriage is hell.  With the heat index, it was considerably over 100 degrees and that was the hot as all get-out summer when syringes were washing up on the Jersey shore.

Today is going to be a humdinger for heat like that Saturday, 28 years ago.  Sherod’s out early doing some mowing; the work I intend to do today is to clean my dad’s little cottage, after a quick run to the curb market and a hospital visit.  I’ll be worrying about the chicken girls in this heat and trying to keep my plants from scorching.  In this horribly broken world of ours, I will also be giving thanks for the crazy Mallowman I love and for the wild ride we’ve been on for all these years.  I know we don’t have forever, none of us do, but we have today and that is more than enough.

3 thoughts on “Twenty Eight

  1. Rosa, What a wonderful picture. And a wonderful day in your lives. So happy for you and Sherod and love you so much. Someday soon we WILL get together!

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