Collegeville Institute

We’re at the half-way mark of the workshop and tomorrow we will not have any group time. My plan is to work until 11 and then head into Minneapolis-St.Paul with another member of the group.

It’s been an intense, productive, illuminating time. Our workshop leader is remarkable. Each day, I leave our group time with new ideas, new resources, especially new inspiration. I write about 4-5 hours a day and by the end of the day, my brain feels like it trembles like a worn out muscle, though it feels like I’m building some endurance along the way. Most important, I’m making headway on my writing project.

The little bit of Minnesota I’ve seen is beautiful. I almost feel guilty about how well we are being cared for—my apartment is comfortable, there’s healthy food and some treats always available, beautiful spaces to work in, and kind people who are committed to helping us do our best writing while we’re here. I miss the Spouseman and critters, and that’s OK too.

Here are a few pictures of where I’ve been. It is on this campus where the first Minnesota Public Radio broadcast took place and St. John’s University was the site of the first MPR station. This is where Garrison Keillor also got his start with Prairie Home Companion  and there’s a lake nearby that is the inspiration of Lake Wobegon.  There’s a lot else, lots of rich and interesting history. But mainly, there is spaciousness and hospitality.



View From My Deck Early in the Morning

The last two pictures are of an art installation located in the forest close to where I’m staying on campus.  Very viking-y which fits with a landscape that is remarkably like the landscapes of Sweden.

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