I just sent off the last emails I didn’t get to yesterday, as I wrapped things up at work before taking some days off.  I won’t be back to work until the afternoon of the 2nd of November.  I feel like a teeny-bopper about to go to a really cool party.  Giddy.  I want to do some cleaning and getting rid of clutter; this isn’t glamorous but it’s how I’ve learned to usher in the holidays and they are drawing near!  I’ve promised myself at least two hours of writing a day.  But the most, veriest exciting part of this vacation has to do with my spouseman’s birthday gift to me.  He’s given me a big girl camera.  I’ve had a quite lovely ‘point and click’ Nikon CoolPix that died last month. He lent me his camera last weekend so I could go take pictures on Old Selma Road.  And today, a few days early, I received a Canon EOS Rebel T6 with three lenses and more little stuff ,like filters, than I even have a clue how to use.  I’m going to be learning me some more photography and I am simply tickled pink.  Probably gonna try to stay off the grid quite a lot; how wonderful to allow the world to get on with business without me.  Later!

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