Writer Gonna Write

I’ve been on Facebook for a bunch of years now. Around 2011, Facebook became a ‘portal’ for my efforts to write—a quick and easy way to point people to the blog I’ve kept for 6 years now. It has also been an incredible tool to reconnect with people I had completely lost touch with. Perhaps the moment of greatest Facebook glory came in 2012 or so, when I went to a mini high school class reunion in Fort Lauderdale; that would never have happened without Facebook. I have gotten to read amazing pieces, learned a whole heck of a lot and made new friends through this social media giant. All those things make me grateful.

Today, a post of mine got too close to doing harm and sowing division I had not intended. I took the post offline and realized, this just isn’t how I want to do things. I will continue writing on my blog (www.revrosa.org) about once a week. It’s a blog folks can subscribe to if they want to keep track of my musings, for what they’re worth. I won’t, however, link any more blog posts to my FB account. I’m not completely dropping out either; I will check FB about once a week as well. I belong to a couple of groups that are really important to me and I can see where, from time to time, I might send someone a PM. Now though, the work I have is to  keep writing my book. Life is short and I hope to practice more kindness and truth. There are better places to do that than Facebook.

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