It’s been a hard couple of weeks at work. I am pretty wiped out. After I got home from work and the worst of the day’s heat had begun to dissipate, I did that thing of heading to my garden to check on my babies, my pride and joy.

First, I noticed some orange poking out from the ground. I pulled a bit and there it was: the first carrot I was able to harvest. In March, I had scattered little carrot seeds in a special seeding medium. About 5 days later, watched seedlings emerge. Six weeks later, I carefully planted the ones that had grown well in the ground. I was not confident at all that there’d be anything to show for that effort–we have had no luck with carrots before. This one is cleaned and ready to go into the salad I will savor tomorrow night when the Mallowman and I celebrate our anniversary.

My First “Seed to Table” Carrot

Then, I checked on three babies I’m holding by breath for, as they continue to grow. They’ve got plenty of maturing left ahead and I know how unpredictable the weather has become. Growing things does not mean there’s any guarantee. Nonetheless, every day they continue to do well is a good day.

Two Baby Cantaloupes
A Baby Butternut Squash

Some of my planting has not gone so well. A fennel plant didn’t make it. An orange bell pepper plant hasn’t died but it suffers from failure to thrive. Of course, this is what the garden is all about and tonight, tired, hollowed out as I feel, that handful of produce I’ve been responsible for and has been doing well brings real consolation. And promise.

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