Really happening

I slept in this morning, on the first day of my vacation. But by 6:18, my girl Tux just couldn’t stand it any longer and draped herself over me, her tail wagging so fast the whole bed shook. GET UP, GET UP, GET UP! How could I resist the happiness of that greeting!

This evening, the Mallowman and I are hosting a small dinner for some new neighbors and Sherod’s best friend and his wife. I am finding it quite wonderful to do a bit of heavier than usual cleaning and some cooking. But I am working slowly and stopping, like now, to attend to  other little bits and pieces of life that are so enjoyable with fewer constraints on my time.

About “THE PROJECT”: Yesterday, Sherod and our friend, Kelvin, began to do the very first of the work for the new chicken coop. Tomorrow, it will be me helping pull up the roof stuff that’s going to be replaced with a new tin roof.

The space we’re renovating was so cluttered and complicated when we bought this property that, truth be told, neither Sherod nor I ever really ventured in to take a good look at it.  Turns out we have some shelving that will be great for roosting and to hold the nesting boxes we’ll need to purchase when we go to my beloved Tractor Supply.  

The current Fort Yolk has a small enclosure that hardly qualifies as a true chicken yard. If I had it my way, I’d run the chicken run/yard all the way to the end of the property. Knowing my spouse, more than likely, I will have to settle for half that much.  The way we manage these joint efforts is to keep working out the details once the work starts. If I won’t get all uptight and outta sight, we will figure something out that works for both of us.  For now, the goal is to have removed all the rest of the roofing by tomorrow afternoon.

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