Progress and more

We’ve stripped off everything that wouldn’t hold up for a new chicken coop–roof, walls, one of the shelves.

It took two trips to the big box hardware stores and a good bit of muttering and complaining, and an equal amount of negotiating but we now also have what we need to rebuild. There’s more coming in the mail. The interior designer of the coop, I’ve also settled on a color scheme for the inside, based on colors chickens like.

Today, the work gets interrupted while I run a couple of errands and Sherodsito works on his boat trailer. I don’t think we’ll have the coop finished up before I leave, but in the last couple of days before I go back to work, we should be able to wrap it all up.

The pace is slow enough, the mornings quiet enough, to enjoy a lot else.

Spider Lilly Blooming
The Zinnias Still Serving

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