This CRAZY Fun Thing I did Today!

Bucket Lists make me a bit uneasy.  I think it has to do with being formed in a world, and continuing to work and serve at it’s edges, where something like that is such a luxury beyond imaging that I just can’t bring myself to prepare one.  I think I’m also too pessimistic to think I’d get through much of one even if I tried.

But.  Life hands me incredible opportunities these days and early this morning, I got up, walked down the village of Boquete to Los Establos Mall and the TreeTrek de Panamá outfit, where I filled out some paperwork acknowledging that I was about to undertake something that is considered an extreme sport and was taking my life in my own hands.

Before long, I was riding with four other people in the back of a pickup truck way up into the mountains behind Boquete, into the cloud forest at 6000 ft above sea level.  After a ten minute hike, we and 6 guides were at the first platform with this view behind us

Rio Cristal

And then, then I was doing this…

It’s the longest, fastest zipline trek in Panamá. Standing on one of the platforms between ziplines, I got to see a female Quetzal–the mythic bird of Aztec and Mayan literature.  I don’t have a bucket list but I hope and pray that if I have time as I am taking my dying breath, I will be able to remember this morning.  It is one of the crazy-funnest things I have done. Ever.

One thought on “This CRAZY Fun Thing I did Today!

  1. well i am happy you were able to see a female Quetzal, as you were risking your life; if you had seen the splendor of a male the Lord Almighty might have felt you had seen enough and snapped the cord.
    Happy to see you so happy, love you.

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