Sov du lilla videunge

We all know each of those little children who died yesterday.  We know them through the little ones who fill our days, beguile, challenge and amuse us endlessly.  I keep thinking of the eyes that shine so bright as they start each day during our summer reading camp and every Sunday, when I call the children of the New River Ministry up for their blessing. I thought of little Blossom, who is autistic and took months finding her way to allowing me to bless her. At first, all I was allowed to do was look at her, then to touch her hand briefly, and finally, finally, in recent weeks to be at eye level with her as I make the sign of the cross on her forehead.  Each of them so infinitely precious and infinitely in need of our protection.

When I was a small child and couldn’t sleep, my mother used to sing Sov Du Lilla Videung, an old Swedish lullaby to me, and when I had my little girl, I sang it to her as well.  Last night I thought about the Good Shepherd, and what He might have sung to all the little children, the ones who didn’t make it and the ones still entrusted to our care. I wondered if perhaps the song might have gone like this:

Sov, du lilla videung,
än så är det vinter,
än så sova björk och ljung,
ros och hyacinter.
Än så är det långt till vår,
innan rönn i blomma står,
sov, du lilla vide,
än så är det vinter.

Solskens öga ser på dig;
solskensfamn dig vaggar.
Snart blir grönt på skogens stig,
och var blomma flaggar.
Än en liten solskensbön,
vide liten blir så grön.
Solskens öga ser dig
solskensfamn dig vaggar. 

Sleep, now, little willow young;
still it is the winter.
So sleep yet, birch and Heather
roses, hyacinths
For it’s long until the spring,
Ere the rowans flowers bring.
Sleep, now little willow young
for it’s still the winter.

Sunshine’s gaze is on you;
Sunshine’s lap will rock you.
Green will soon be forest paths,
raising every bloom aloft.
Yet a little Sunshine-plea:
Willow little, be so green.
Sunshine’s gaze is on you;
Sunshine’s lap will rock you. 

One thought on “Sov du lilla videunge

  1. Lovely meditation, Rosa. And I love your video. It does my heart good to see the faces of all the children I haven’t seen in a while. So precious.

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