Because We Need a Little Joy & Mirth

I got to celebrate and preach at the “big church”–All Saints–today.  The music is stunning and it is just different, getting to celebrate with over 200 in a room with beautiful accoustics, lots of technology, beautiful appointments and lovely people.  The highlight of my morning though, was when someone introduced me as the Rector of the West.  Since my work is on the west campus of the New River Regional Ministry it made perfect sense to him and absolutely tickled me. I decided I probably should have some cowboy boots and a gun holster.  There is certainly a whole lot more wildness at my home parish and also the energy of something new and quite messy taking shape.  I think I may just have to lay claim to that title…

And some mirth:  I have this grandson, Robert.  Robert gets into all kinds of trouble because Robert is ever so smart.  Yesterday, his mama went shopping and came back with lots of toilet paper.  It was Robert’s job to put it all in the bathroom.

He did.

He is so much like his grandfather it’s scary…


2 thoughts on “Because We Need a Little Joy & Mirth

  1. Funny about the TP, Rosa! As always, you preached and celebrated beautifully today. Church feels so complete when you are “home” with us again. Your sermon inspired me in so many ways. I wonder, do you have a sharable copy?

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