Of More Walking and Some Flying

fort-lauderdale-beachI have to walk at least 8 miles tomorrow as part of my training for the half marathon. There is a website called mapmywalk.com that allows me to plan out a course to accomplish that goal. Tomorrow, I will start from All Saints again, go across to the beach and over three bridges. This time, I will go a bit further north before heading back to my starting point. This is my route.

I’m definitely liking this planning and preparation stuff–until now my rambles have been just that: sort-of random. I kept increasing my distance until I plateaued at 6 miles, mainly because 2 hours a night is a reasonable amount of time for a workout. Now I am paying attention to pace and studying all this other stuff. This week I have to figure out what clothes I’ll need to wear. I’m hoping for some cool days between now and February 17th because it will undoubtedly be cooler in Birmingham than here and I need to train in what I will wear. I’ve been training in some Merrell Moab walking shoes which are pretty comfortable. If anyone has a different recommendation–speak now or forever hold your peace. What I have by next Saturday is what I will need to use.


Meanwhile, as I write, my husband is doing his daily workout. Working his remote-control helicopter (hovering just to the right of my laptop) with which he terrorizes Spot, Daisy and me. He tells me the laughter is good exercise for him. And that the running is good for Spot and Daisy. I’m not sure my cussing does much for any of us, but really, I’m very amused…

Update 1/5: I walked 9 miles at a pace of 15’17″/mile or 3.9 mph. That totally rocks for me!!!

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